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Gabrielle   Fischer   Horvath
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Short Biography:        


Gabrielle Fischer Horvath – Figurative Bronze Artist


Gabrielle Fischer Horvath was born in Hungary in 1947 and escaped the 1956 revolution as a young child with her mother to Canada. She lost her father by the age of three; her brother eighteen years older was introduced to her in 1956 for the first time. When she was twenty her mother passed away causing her deep trauma. In the years ahead she will have lived, studied and worked throughout parts of Canada and the U.S. Marriage and two wonderful children gave her the stability and family she never had.

The creative process allowed for self expression and there was so much to express.

Earlier sculptures depict cloaked and huddled figures. They expressed what she could not. 


Her art education in sculpture includes works in raku, clay, acrylic and bronze.


Working with talented artists and teachers at the Art Student’s League in N.Y.  – C.W. Post University on Long Island – Scottsdale School of Art in Arizona as well as Toronto Ontario, provided an ever evolving style.

Diversity and challenges are part of her make up.


New methods applied to old techniques in pouring bronze, has brought about the “Genesis” series. Splashes of bronze in “sand cast molds” creates a spectacular visual of colors and layers in lace like effect.

Life size figurative forms born of molten bronze poured by the artist.


The “Genesis” series are remarkable works of art.



Work Description:


These organic renditions create an abstract of negative and positive space in a topographical and multilayered form reminiscent of a “Pollock” painting. Poured by the artist in a unique and exciting application of splashes and layers, to give dimension, texture and color unique to each piece. Gabrielle emulates the works of the old masters with sensual form and richness of bronze. Almost prehistoric in nature, “Genesis” is rich in visual interest.  





























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