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  Megalopolis / Afonso Albuquerque       Igreja Sao Sebastiao       Luís Carmoes       Pelourinho  

oil on canvas, 116x89cm

price: € 6800


oil on canvas,60x50cm

SOLD to one of our clients in Phoenix/USA


oil on canvas,80x60cm

price: € 2850


oil on canvas, 80x60 cm, 2002, Price: € 4920

  the ruins IV       Estremoz       the ruins III      

oil on canvas, 45x60, 1990, price: € 2750


oil on canvas, 80x60cm, 1996

price: € 2670



oil on canvas, 60x80 cm, 2005

price: SOLD !!!  to one of our clients in Phoenix/Arizona - USA




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