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member since February 27th, 2007

HIMANI - H. Gerber

At the age of fourty Himani gave up her profession and her securities as teacher and speach therapist and started a new life. For many years she lived in Asia, where she experienced new and different approaches to living. In her creative expression through colours, she was guided by Meera Hashimoto (Author of "ReAwakening of Art"). Himani gave exhibitions in Italy, India, Taiwan and Portugal, where she settled few years ago. She is also teaching Energy Work and Meditation to enter one´s inner world. Himani´s paintings reflect her experiences of emotions, issues or observations. Through seeing and sensing the colours, through receiving their energy, the pictures can vibrate, come to life and enrich your inner and outer space                                                                                     



  Transparence   Climbing on gold     Fire Tongues      

acrylics and ink on paper

50 x 55 cm

price:  € 300


acrylics on paper

25 x 55 cm

price:  € 150


acrylics and ink on paper

37 x 55 cm

price:  € 180


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